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History of Physics Group List of past events

Listed in chronological order : To see the notice for a meeting click on the date if it has a link. The Report of a meeting may be linked to the 'Topic' column, or found in the following newsletter. Click here for the index to newsletter contents pages.
Date Topic Location
17 Oct 1998 Electromagnetic Fields, Past and Present ?
8 Mar 1999 Reserch experiences in Poland before 1939, Joseph Rotblat IOP Headquarters, Portland Place, London
24 Apr 1999 Aspects of the interaction between physics and religion IOP Headquarters, Portland Place, London
18 Sep 1999 a repeat of the 24 April meeting in London 14 India Street, Edinburgh, jointly with the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation, organised by Stuart Leadstone
23 Oct 1999 Volta's invention of the Electrochemical Battery History Faculty, Oxford, organised by Stuart Leadstone
26 Feb 2000 Time and its measurement Science Museum, London
21 Oct 2000 Quantum Concepts, past and present IOP Headquarters, Portland Place, London
21 May 2001 Space, preceded by tour of the Space Gallery Science Musuem, London
1 Dec 2001 The Nobel Century IOP Headquarters, Portland Place, London
9 Mar 2002 Guided Historical Science Walk Oxford
9 Apr 2002 Dirac Centenary Celebration Brighton
(held as part of IOP Congress)
19 Oct 2002 Airy - his life and work Newcastle on Tyne
11 Oct 2003 Discoveries, Theories and Natural Philosophers IOP Headquarters, Portland Place, London
18 Sep 2004 Science museums, the life of Néel, Einstein year ESPCI, Paris
30 Oct 2004 Was there life before Einstein? Birmingham
29 Oct 2005 Hamilton and work in Leeds of the Braggs and Astbury Leeds
30 Nov 2005 History of Air Pollution Bristol
15 Aug 2006 Informal visit to Wadham College & History of Science Museum Oxford
26 Oct 2006 Four talks on the topic of 'revolution' Bath and visit to the Herschel Museum
9 Jun 2007 Physics at the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford
before and after World War II
15 Nov 2007 Kelvin in Context: to mark the centenary of his death 1907 Glasgow
17 Jul 2008 A meeting in celebration of Lord Rayleigh IOP headquarters, 76 Portland Place, London
10 Dec 2008 Physics at Liverpool: a Capital of culture celebration Liverpool
8 Jul 2009 The Telescope: in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy Cavendish Building, Cambridge
and visit to Whipple Museum
25 Nov 2009 Silver Jubilee of the Group IOP headquarters, 76 Portland Place, London
24 Julu 2010 Growing pains of 19th century
Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford
and Museum of History of Science
20 Nov 2010 A Century of Physics at Birmingham Poynting Building, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Birmingham
24 Nov 2011 Some Anniversaries in physics IOP headquarters, 76 Portland Place, London
31 Mar 2012 Centenery Celebration of Rutherford and the Nuclear Atom Coupland Building, Oxford Road, Manchester
8 Nov 2012 The Braggs and their Legacy Bath, Royal LIterary and Scientific Institution
4 Apr 2013 Rutherford's Geophysicists : Blackett and Bullard Cambridge, Tilley lecture Theatre, Dept of Earth Sciences, Downing Street
19 Oct 2013 Manchester 1913: Niels Bohr, Harry Moseley and the origins of the Quantum Atom University of Manchester
25 Jun 2014 Belfast Physicists: Joseph Larmor,
Thomas Andrews, John Bell, Ernest Walton,
Daniel Bradley and David Bates
University of Belfast

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