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History of Physics Group List of meetings 1985 - 2000

This page lists meetings from 1985 to 2000 in chronological order, it was made by John Roche, and converted to this format by the Web Editor who should be notified of any errors. Other lists are: To see the notice for a meeting click on the date if it has a link. The Report of a meeting may be linked to the 'Topic' column, or found in the following newsletter. Click here for the index to newsletter contents pages.
Date Topic Location and organiser
20 Feb 1985 Experiments and Instruments IOP Headquarters 47 Belgrave Square
10 Jul 1985 Projects in the History of Physics Linacre College Oxford. Linked to an exhibition of 19th century textbooks on Heat at the Bodleian Library arranged by Mr C B Spurgin.
30 Oct 1985 The Education of Physicists between the Wars by those were educated then Greater Manchester Museum of Science and Industry; organiser Mrs Raj Williamson
15 Nov 1985 The Role of History in the Teaching of Physics Trinity College, Oxford, organised jointly with Education Group.
2 April 1986 The History of Atmospheric Physics The City University, Northampton Square. London jointly with the History Groups of the Royal Astronomical Society and Royal Metrological Society
2 - 4 Jul 1986 The History of Physics for the Physicist St Cross Building and Linacre College, Oxford; This was a three day conference, organised by Dr John Roche, Dr Ann Geneva and Mr Michael Roche, which held five sessions on the history of experimentation; instruments and developmental research; the role of history in the critique and clarification of concepts in physics; methods in traditional and oral history; and the social relations of physics.
12 Nov 1986 Welsh Regional Meeting University College Cardiff, organised by Mr Stuart Leadstone
27 May 1987 The Social Relations of Physics Napier College, Edinburgh,jointly with the Scottish Branch of the Institute of Physics
18 Nov 1987 Newton and Euler: the relationship between mathematics and physics IOP Headquarters 47 Belgrave Square, London
15 -16 Jul 1988 George Green Miller, Physicist and Mathematician. A two day conference organised sponsored by The City of Nottingham and The University of Nottingham and organised by D M Cannell and included an archive exhibition and a visit to Green‘s Mill, Nottingham.
26 Oct 1988 Chapters in the History of Low Temperature Research in Britain The Royal Institution, London
18 Mar 1989 History of Physics workshop for Physics Teachers IOP Headquarters 47 Belgrave Square, London organised by Mr Stuart Leadstone. There were 5 subject areas, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Electricity and Magnetism, Heat and Thermodynamics, Mechanics and Optics.
23 Sep 1989 The Origins of Electric and Magnetic Units The Whipple  Museum, Cambridge
17 Mar 1990 History of Physics Workshop The Science Museum, London
3 Jul 1990 Aether to Relativity Chadwick Physics Laboratory, University of Liverpool, organised by Peter Rowland jointly with the Liverpool Society for the History of Science and Technology
19 Mar 1991 Uncovering the Lord Rayleigh Laboratories: a glimpse of an epoch in late 19th century physics. Royal Institution, London a lecture by Harry M Rosenberg
20 Jul 1991 Faraday and his influence IOP Headquarters 47 Belgrave Square, London.
26 Oct 1991 The History of Gravitation The University of Birmingham, the School of Physics organisers Peter Tyson and Bob Joyce
26 Sep 1992 Unitarians and Natural Philosophy Manchester College, Oxford jointly with the Unitarian Historical Society
17 Apr 1993 Scotland's Uncelebrated Genius Maxwell‘s birthplace 14 India Street, Edinburgh jointly with the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation
9-11 Jul 1993 William Gilbert and the Elizabethan World University of Essex, Colchester jointly with The British Society for History of Science
? 1993 Lord Rayleigh Centenary IOP Congress, Brighton
26 Mar 1994 Innovators in the Teaching of School Physics from 1850 to the present day Science Department, Clfton College, Bristol, jointly with the Education Group of the Institute of Physics
11 Jul 1994 The Oliver Lodge Radio Centenary The Chadwick Laboratory, University of Liverpool arranged by Dr David Edwards
22 Oct 1994 Physics and the Science Museum The Science Museum, London
April 1995 History of Physics Section IOP Annual Congress
13 May 1995 Instruments in Physics Clarendon Laboratory and the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford
21 Oct 1995 Physics, Institutions and Industry Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester, organiser Dr Peter Rowlands
20 April 1996 The Influence of the Sun on the Earth: changing views over two centuries Science Museum, London jointly with the Royal Astronomical Society and Royal Metrological Society
25 Apr 1996 The publication of X-rays and the Discovery of Radioactivity IOP Congress Telford
19 Oct 1996 Vectors in Physics: origins and significance Science Museum, London
25 Mar 1997 100 Years of the Electron part of IOP Annual Congress, Leeds, in the Roger Stevens Lecture Building
12 Apr 1997 Electromagnetic Fields, Past and Present (Vectors in Physics?) 14 India St, Edinburgh, jointly with the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation, organised by Stuart Leadstone
9 Jul 1997 From Rayleigh to Radar: The Rise of the Waveguide lecture delivered by Sir Brian Pippard IOP Headquarters, 76 Portland place, London
18 Oct 1997 Entropy: origins, significance and applications Schuster Laboratory, University of Manchester jointly with the IOP Manchester Distract Branch
25 Apr 1998 Aspects of the History of Measurement National Physical Laboratory, Teddington
14 Sep 1998 The Evolution of Medical Imaging - from Geiger Counters to MRI IOP Headquarters, 76 Portland place, London a personal saga delivered by Dr John Mallard, organised by Christopher Green
17 Oct 1998 Electromagnetic Fields, Past and Present IOP Headquarters, 76 Portland place, London
8 Mar 1999 Reserch experiences in Poland before 1939, Joseph Rotblat IOP Headquarters, 76 Portland place, London
24 Apr 1999 Aspects of the interaction between physics and religion IOP Headquarters, 76 Portland place, London
18 Sep 1999 a repeat of the 24 April meeting in London Edinburgh
23 Oct 1999 Volta's invention of the electrochemical battery History Faculty, Oxford, organised by Mr Stuart Leadstone
21 Oct 2000 Quantum Mechanics, Past and Present IOP Headquarters, 76 Portland place, London

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