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Index to the History of Physics Group Newsletters

A regular printed newsletter is distributed to all members of the Group. We are trying to collect information about previous newsletters; the table below lists all those I know of in 2014.

There is also a subject index and an index in alphabetical order of surname of newsletter articles about historical scientists and a list of book reviews.

Click on any emphasied (linked) date to see the contents of that newsletter.
Number Publication
1   Mar 1987   David Hooper
2   Nov 1987   David Hooper
3   Sep 1988   David Hooper
4   Feb 1989   David Hooper
5   Feb 1990   David Hooper
6   Autumn 1992   R.R.Joyce
7   Summer 1993  R.R.Joyce
8   Spring 1994  R.R.Joyce
9   Spring 1995  R.R.Joyce
10   Spring 1997  R.R.Joyce
11   Spring 1998   R.R.Joyce
12   Spring 1999   Lucy Hudson
13   Spring 2000   Lucy Hudson
14   Spring 2001   Lucy Gibson
15   2002   Lucy Gibson
16   2003   Lucy Gibson
17   Winter 2004   Malcolm Cooper
18   Summer 2005   Malcolm Cooper  
  October 2005   Malcolm Cooper  
19   January 2006   Malcolm Cooper  
20   July 2006   Malcolm Cooper  
21   January 2007   Malcolm Cooper  
22   August 2007   Malcolm Cooper  
23   January 2008   Malcolm Cooper  
24   August 2008   Malcolm Cooper  
25   February 2009   Malcolm Cooper  
  February 2009   Malcolm Cooper  
26   August 2009   Malcolm Cooper  
27   March 2010   Malcolm Cooper  
28   October 2010   Malcolm Cooper  
29   December 2011   Malcolm Cooper  
30   July 2012   Malcolm Cooper  
  December 2012   Malcolm Cooper  
31   December 2013   Malcolm Cooper  
Please let the Web Editor know if you have spare paper copies of any past newsletters which you would be willing to donate to the webeditor to form an Archive of past paper newsletters.

If you have electronic copies of previous newsletters please send them to the Web Editor by email to mount on the Archive of the website.

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The History of Physics Group Newsletter expresses the views of the Editor or the named contributors, and not necessarily those of the Group nor of the Institute of Physics as a whole. Whilst every effort is made to ensure accuracy, information must be checked before use is made of it which could involve financial or other loss. The Editor would like to be told of any errors as soon as they are noted, please.