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Quantum concepts, past and present


The History of Physics Group annually organizes a concept meeting. This is intended to examine some important physics concept, or group of concepts, in terms of their origin and present status, with the intention of establishing whether clarifications have occurred which can be useful in teaching. Quantum theory abounds in difficult concepts and the present meeting concentrates on some of those surrounding the interpretation of the wave function and the photon.

An important aspect of the meeting will be a panel discussion which we hope the audience and panel will raise and examine issues which may be helpful in undergraduate teaching of quantum theory.

Chairman: Dr Hugh Montgomery (University of Edinburgh)

If you expect to attend the meeting please contact the Honorary Secretary, Sophie Duncan at the address below.

Sophie Duncan
Honorary Secretary, History of Physics Group
Science Museum,
South Kensington,
London, SW7 2DD
Tel: 020 7942 4170
Fax: 020 7942 4102

E-mail: s.duncan@nmsi.ac.uk