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History of Physics Group meeting
30 October 2004

Physics Department, University of Birmingham

Was there life before Einstein?

The Annual General Meeting of the above group is scheduled to start at 12 noon on Saturday, October 30th, 2004 in the Poynting building of the Physics Department at the University of Birmingham.

In the afternoon starting at 2pm there will be a general lecture meeting with the title "Was there Life before Einstein?" The meeting celebrates the forthcoming 'Einstein year of Physics' and is about the work of scientists who slightly predated Einstein, and whose researches would have influenced his thinking, enabling him to produce his series of seminal publications in 1905.

Graham Alfrey, who was in the Physics department at Birmingham, and Ben Benedikz, who was formerly the archivist in the University Library, will be talking on "The Life and Work of John Henry Poynting".

Peter Rowlands from Liverpool University will talk on "Sir Oliver Lodge" and Denis Weaire from Trinity College, Dublin will give a short talk on "Oliver Lodge and his interest in seances".

It is anticipated that there will be one additional speaker.

The lecture meeting is open to all interested people and is free of charge. It should finish around 5pm.

Travel details: frequent trains from Birmingham New Street arrive at the University station which is about 5 minutes walk from the Physics Department. Further travel information and maps can be found on the University pages

Dr P.J. Ford

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