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Blue Plaques Details

Several organisations install 'blue plaques' to commemmorate famous people. A set of links to these organisations can be found on our memorials page. Details of books on Blue Plaques are in the bibliography.

The names of some recipients of IOP funded 'blue' plaques are listed below in several ways. Also a few set up by others. An accompanying page gives detailed information about the recipients. Ideally these pages should have a photograph of the plaque, a portrait of the individual and links to website where further information can be found. Further blue plaques are in the process of being installed, they will be added to the list later.

Please let the webeditor know of any errors or omissions in these pages. I should particularly like a photograph and an OS Grid Ref for each plaque, if there is one near you please take its picture and send me a copy of the print or image.

Names are accessible in several ways:

In all lists, click on the name to move directly to the details for that person.

Each person is described with a few details and suggestions where further information can be found.
If the person has the initials F.R.S. after the name further information can be found at the website of the Royal Society.

Biographies of people interested in electricity and magnetism can be found on the website of the IET (formerly the IEE) for example S.P.Thompson.

Alternatively the wikipedia website has many details, when you get to their Main_Page enter the name of the person whose history you want. To enter more than one name, enclose them in "" for example "William Lawrence Bragg". You should remember that this site in not refereed it is made by its users so you should use its information with care.

Articles in our newsltter about 'Blue plaques':

Page last updated 7 November 2012