20th Century Women Crystallographers

Talk presented at the Joint Meeting 4 March 2015 of the 'History of Physics' and 'Women in Physics' Groups.

Click here for books on early History of crystallography, or Here for an Introduction to Crystallographers or here for a bibliography about the people.
The pages below are mostly just a time line for each woman, listed in order of date of death.

Rosalind Elsie Franklin 25 July 1920 London 16 April 1958 London
Kathleen Lonsdale28 January 1903 Dublin1 April 1971 England
Dorothy Hodgkin12 May 1910 Cairo, Egypt29 July 1994 Ilmington, Oxfordshire
Helen Megaw 1 June 1907 Dublin26 Feb 2002 Ballycastle, County Antrim
Louise Johnson26 Sep 1940, Worcester 25 Sep 2012 Oxford

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