Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday( b 22 Sept 1791 - d 25 Aug 1867 )
IOP Blue Plaque Location 3 Prior's Cottages, Hastings
Unveiled 12 October 2005 by Prof Sir John Enderby, President of the Institute, in the presence of the Mayor of Hastings
IOP Branch South Central

On the 29 August 1831 he discovered the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction; four days later he left to holiday in the seaside town staying in these lodgings several times betwwen 1831 and 1855. He continued his research on his return to London and presented his findings to members of the Royal Society later that year. In 1833 he became professor of chemistry at the Royal Institution. He discovered the rotation of plane polarised light by a magnetic field and suceeded in liquefying chlorine and other gases.

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He is buried in Highgate 'Old' cemetery, Highgate, London

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